Samaritans email service

    In my last post Mental health awareness month: Enough with the tough love! I said that I would share a silver lining that has really helped me to cope through this difficult period of poor mental health. And in light of yesterday’s terror attack in Manchester I felt that I ought to try get this post up as soon as I could because it … Continue reading Samaritans email service

What I love about me

Perhaps the title of this blog post might sound a bit arrogant and boastful to some but in a world where low self-esteem fuels our advertising and beauty industries more people need to be defying the notion that having self-esteem and loving ourselves is about arrogance. Because at the end of the day having good self-esteem is a sure fire way to be truly happy … Continue reading What I love about me

Believe there is good in the world

There are times when the world seems like such an awful place, a place without compassion or humanity. Whether it be hearing about yet another terror attack or political changes with harsh consequences. Or it can be something on a more personal level where you’re being disrespected and treated badly. Our tv’s and our social media feeds are full of doom and gloom and hatred. … Continue reading Believe there is good in the world

Understanding the true value of friendship

I’ve been struggling a bit with writing blog posts lately and even though the ideas are there I’m struggling with the words, life seems like one big vacuum lately just lots and lots of space and emptiness. Now, I don’t wish to imply I’m depressed because I’m really not but things aren’t peachy either. And I think during these times you have an awful lot of … Continue reading Understanding the true value of friendship

Life lessons from Rent the Musical

Last year I declared that I wanted to go to the theatre more, which possibly sounds easy enough however besides all the usual rain on your parade symptoms of chronic illness this wasn’t an easy endeavour for more personal reasons. For those that don’t know before I became unwell theatre was a huge part of my life, it was my passion as well as my … Continue reading Life lessons from Rent the Musical

Kindness and expectation

Yes, you guessed it another post about kindness but can you really ever say enough about this topic? Nope, you can never have enough kindness. Today, I wanted to talk about kindness and expectation. Some of you have perhaps heard of the saying “Sometimes we expect more from others because we would be willing to do that much for them” and if you’ve never heard … Continue reading Kindness and expectation

50 random acts of kindness that won’t cost you a penny

When I wrote my blog post on Sunday about kindness and how important it is, which if you have not read you can do so here, I had no idea it was actually random acts of kindness week. Talk about coincidence. But seen as it is random acts of kindness week and indeed today is random acts of kindness day I thought I might as well … Continue reading 50 random acts of kindness that won’t cost you a penny

In a world where you can be anything be kind

Following on from my post about Valentine’s day and how you should  show the ones you love, no matter who they are, that you love them as often as possible not just on Valentine’s (if you’ve not read it you can do so here) I was all set to write a post about how you should also show yourself love too. However, some recent interactions … Continue reading In a world where you can be anything be kind