My body-confidence story

After my last post Is there such a thing as a “Summer body?” and the corresponding photo I used to promote it on Instagram (as above), which incidentally was the first time I felt truly body confident, it lead me to thinking I should share a little of my own journey to body confidence. And what better time, given that it’s just been Easter and many … Continue reading My body-confidence story

Is there such a thing as a “Summer body?”

    Now that Spring has sprung and the weather is supposedly getting warmer we often see people start to remark on how pretty everything is getting. We marvel at the beauty of nature. Yet, there is a very ugly side to this time of year too as we start to see an overriding shift in consciousnesses that we too must be getting ‘prettier.’ As … Continue reading Is there such a thing as a “Summer body?”

What I love about me

Perhaps the title of this blog post might sound a bit arrogant and boastful to some but in a world where low self-esteem fuels our advertising and beauty industries more people need to be defying the notion that having self-esteem and loving ourselves is about arrogance. Because at the end of the day having good self-esteem is a sure fire way to be truly happy … Continue reading What I love about me