If you’re reading this, a very big hello and a very big thank you for stopping by. I hope that you are as well as possible.

As you may have guessed from my blog’s name, my name is Siân, although some people call me Queenie. I turned 30 last year and even though life is not anything like I imagined it would be at this age when I was in my teens or even early twenties, heck isn’t that just life for you. But on the whole, I’m a pretty positive person, full of gratitude and determined to seek out life’s silver linings, hence the blog’s title.

I’m a Strictly addict, even more of a Pasha addict (the hunk from Siberia, not the Ibizan nightclub chain.) I love theatre, reading, writing and lots of food too many people call naughty or guilty. I’d also like to think I’m down to earth and like to keep things real. I’m definitely not one of those bloggers that who will get all dolled up to take photos, simply to pretend they are going out when actually they are 5 episodes deep into a new box set. Or pretend I’m eating something that will never actually pass my lips. Give me all the cake now! So long as it’s not Victoria sponge or plain birthday cake sponge. Ych a fi! As we would say in Welsh.

I started blogging in 2013 as a way to process my feelings at a time when my health took a nose dive and I had to come to terms with losing more independence and using a wheelchair. You can see that blog here. However as time has gone by I’ve found that I want to blog about a wider variety of topics and really enjoy writing again, but those posts didn’t really feel like they had a place on my old blog. And so I created this site to ramble on about all sorts really, from lifestyle posts to looking after your mental health (even if you don’t have a mental illness) and being the happiest little bunny that you can be.

Of course, from time to time I will still reference my chronic illness and use it anecdotally in posts because no matter how much I would wish to ignore it that’s just not possible and it will throw a diva fit for attention, like a small child. However, on the whole, this blog is going to be more about life’s silver linings and how important it is to seek them out.

So, welcome and I really hope that you enjoy reading my content.