Primark Haul (September 2017)


So, let’s just say I’ve been feeling like treating myself quite a bit recently. I might even have said “It’s been a tough year!” whilst putting a pair of boots in my basket, and heck it really has been. Personally, I love watching Primark hauls on YouTube or stalking #Primark on Instagram, I think they’re a great way of finding out what’s in store particularly because Primark doesn’t feature all their stock on their website so if nothing else all this treating myself has resulted in a new blog post so double win. Triple win if you also see something that you have to rush to a store for.


White floral dress: £3

Starting with clothes; This dress was actually an item I saw on Instagram and instantly thought heart eye emoji central but I didn’t think it was something that would still be in store given we’re now in September and Winter is on its way. However, I spotted it on the sale rail and then hoped they had it in my size. They did, however, the size 10 looked to be a little bit big so I decided to risk getting it in a size 8. Little did I realise that it has no zips, so getting it on was a bit of a squeeze and I did think I might be stuck in it forever but once on it actually fits really nice. It’s just definitely one of those dresses that you need assistance removing. Ahem, ooo eer! The rail said £10, the label on the dress said £5 but when I got to the till it was actually £3! Don’t you love it when that happens? They also have it in black, which I would have got too only I couldn’t find it in the right size, which was a shame because that would have been more wearable at this time of year. Oh well, you win some and you lose some.


Pink coat with faux fur hood: £23

I really needed a new coat that was not just warm but also that I could wear if it was raining so this caught my eye. And the £23 price tag helped make up my mind. They have it in a range of colours pink, navy, black, burgundy and I’m not sure if there was a khaki one. It was between the pink one and the navy one and although I wear a lot of blues I thought the pink one would go with more outfits. Plus, it’s a little bit different and injects a bit more colour into a dark winter outfit. The coat is quite thick and the hood has a faux fur trim and is lined in a faux sheepskin. Again I opted for a size 8, which still has room for a chunky knit underneath and I should still be able to move my arms.

Pink knitted crossover detail jumper: £10

This jumper is described as ‘blush’ on the label, however, I’d say it’s more of a mauvey pink. I liked the crossover detail as I think it makes it stand out a bit more and I’ve been finding these kinds of crossover detail very flattering lately. I got it in a size small, which says it’s a 6-8, which personally I think is a complete lie unless you are a fan of the oversized look, which seems to be fashionable right now. Personally, however, I don’t think that oversized clothes flatter my shape, so I’m finding I have to size down or if something is still oversized kindly put it back on the rack and tell it, “I’m sorry but you’re just not for me.”

Pale blue jumper: £6

Keeping with the dark days doesn’t have to mean dark outfits theme, I thought I’d pick up this pale blue jumper to inject more colour into an outfit, whether it be with indigo jeans or with a navy skirt and tights (super cosy ones.) I also wanted a thinner knit because sometimes I find if you’re going somewhere indoors a big chunky knit can feel too stifling. This one also has silver button detailing on the shoulders and ribbed detail along the sides. Sorry, it’s a bit crumpled, this one was on one of the folded displays. In fact, they were folding them as I was looking and trying to decide which size to get- awkward, especially when you feel bad for undoing all that work they’ve just done and your folding skills are no match but you try anyhow.

Shoes and Accessories

primark nude valentino

Nude studded detail flats: £10

It seems to be the year of the Valentino dupe and I for one am all for it. Over the summer Primark had a similar pair only with no sides and a studded crossbar across the middle, I have them in black and also wanted the nude ones however they only had size 7’s and 8s left and never got them (or the black ones) back in stock. Then I saw these ones last week and went a little bit giddy. To be perfectly honest I didn’t really realise they were different to the others at the time, but I’m still a big fan of them all the same. These were in the wide fit section, I don’t particularly have all that wide feet but I do usually find them to be much comfier. I got these in a size 4. My others are a size 3 but I think these ones having more of a ballet flat closed style means choosing a bigger size if you’re between sizes like me, the size 3 fit but I could tell would really pinch. I’ll probably wear them with an insole though just so fit a bit better. You can see what they look like on in my photo above with the white dress.

primark black flats

Black flats: £6

Pretty basic really but a staple in any wardrobe. I’ve been wanting some black flats that I actually like for a while now having decided I no longer liked the others I had. These have a suede look and gold detail around the sides. Again, these are wide fit so are much comfier.


Navy over the knee flat boots: £22

Pastey leg alert! These were a total impulse purchase having scooted (literally) by and instantly stopping in my tracks in a they are a bit of me sort of a way. I love the colour, I love the length I might have said to Mum that I’d met the love of my life. And wonder of wonders there were 2 pairs left, which just happened to be a 3 and a 4. It was fate. I think these are extra wide fit, so all the better for someone like me who has fluffy socks on in the summer and about ten in the winter. I can’t wait to wear them to death.

Black studded ankle boots: £16

Again, falling for a good dupe, and the even better prices. Primark has so many designer inspired boots at the moment. Most people are going gaga for the Chloe-esque ones but these Givenchy inspired ones were far more me and I think will be more wearable. I like that they’re detailed but not overly so and I like the sleek shape. They also have studded detail around the edge. These are just regular fit. You can see what they look like on in my photo wearing the pink coat above.

Pink handbag: £10

I’ve been after a bigger bag for a while but not one that was too big and this one is just about the perfect size. Again I opted for pale pink so that it would go with quite a few outfits. I think they also have it in grey. I like having the option of having the handles or the longer strap. The biggest selling point for me though was that it actually has a zip, so many bags I’ve seen lately don’t or they have those silly zips that leave a big gap either side and thus not really protecting your things. Having had a bag that only had a popper and having all my things slide along an aeroplane, I’m a big fan of the zip. Inside it has a big pouch on the side if you wanted to keep anything separate but there are no smaller zipped off pockets. I was impressed it was only £10 for the size of it and Primark bags seem to have been “expensive for Primark” lately.


Stripy pyjamas: £7

What would a Primark haul be without a pair of pyjamas? I’m always excited for the nightwear section, seen as I live in my pj’s. But actually recently I’ve been quite restrained and only picked up one pair. Girlie Andy Pandy chique ones. I picked them up in a size small, which again is a size 6-8, as that’s what I usually go for in Primark pyjamas, however, I forgot that I usually size up with the button down style ones. It must have completely slipped my mind for a moment there that I have boobs, but having tried them on there was luckily no gaping or flashing going on. I look forward to snuggling up in these watching Strictly.

And that’s it…until the next time.

Check out my Instagram @queenofnaps to see future ootds of how I style these items


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