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My last few posts have all been quite heavy so I thought it was time to lighten the mood by posting about something lovely instead. And it doesn’t come much lovelier than the gift service I’m going to be talking about today or the Mamma bear behind this award-winning business, Faye Savory. I love doing random acts of kindness for my friends and sending ‘just because’ gifts, however, having a chronic illness means that sometimes I can’t always get out to the shops to purchase something as well as having all the faff of packaging and posting something. Which can be problematic when you have a friend or family members birthday coming up, or you simply want to do something kind for a friend that is struggling. Perhaps you’re in the same boat or you simply don’t have much time to spend shopping or trawling the internet for a suitable gift. Or if you have ever wanted to give someone the biggest bear hug but can’t physically be there to squish them? Perhaps you can give hugs a plenty but want to go the extra mile to treat someone. Then look no further than BearHugs.

BearHugs is a gift service, set up with the help of The Prince’s Trust and has recently celebrated its 2nd birthday. 2 whole years of bringing smiles to people’s faces. The inspiration for BearHugs came from when Faye, the chief sender of hugs, received a care package via post at a time when she was really struggling with her chronic illness. Receiving that gift made such a difference to her outlook and helped her realise that even though she had to spend much of her time by herself due to her illness that she wasn’t alone. Opening up the care package was like receiving the biggest and warmest hug. And thus the seed for a business idea was planted. Faye, being the generous spirit that she is wanted others to experience that feeling. To be the facilitator of good deeds and create a service that allowed people to easily send gifts from the comfort of their own homes. Which makes BearHugs perfect for chronically ill users, who cannot easily leave their homes to purchase gifts or for people who do not have much time on their hands. You don’t even have to worry about posting your gift because BearHugs allows you to post it directly to your recipient.

BearHugs offer a range of gift hampers to suit all kinds of recipient or occasion, including:

  • Thinking of you
  • Get well soon
  • Just because
  • Birthday
  • Student care package
  • Congratulations
  • New Baby
  • Thank you

Below, is a selection of some of the BearHugs boxes available.

BearHugs Tasty Treats BearHug


BearHugs New Mum and cub BearHug


BearHugs Tea Pigs tea, BearHugs mug and Island Bakery biscuits BearHug



BearHugs Luxury Movie Night BearHug


Alternatively, you can build your own BearHugs hamper, to make it all the more personal and tailor it to suit the likes of your recipient and your budget.

There is a range of individual products to choose from, from a range of British retailers. Where possible, BearHugs, like to support other small businesses and support local businesses around Sheffield, where they are based. BearHugs also stock treats that are suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

bearhugs open me

There is also the option to include a message with your gift to make it all the more personal and special.


Each box is lovingly hand packed by a member of the BearHugs team who all aim to deliver a high level of customer service and make each gift hamper special, knowing just what it means to receive random acts of kindness themselves. As well as making the process as easy as possible for the sender. Meaning that although they are not able to go out and physically buy a gift they still have that feeling of gifting something with a personal touch.

bearhugs box

All BearHugs hampers also come packaged in these gorgeous boxes, which have been shortlisted for a UK packaging award no less due to their unique design. Opening the box and seeing the outstretched paws along with the message consider this a bearhug really does make you feel like you’re being hugged and adds to the warmth of receiving something special. Encapsulating BearHugs ethos perfectly.

BearHugs also like to extend the gift-giving pleasure through their charity work. For every 50 BearHugs purchased they send one of their hampers to a seriously ill child or their sibling through the charity Post Pals.

So if you’re looking to put a smile on someone’s face, then I can’t recommend BearHugs enough. And as an extra special treat, Faye has kindly offered a 15% discount for my readers using the discount code SIAN15.

You can find BearHugs at:

Happy hugging


This is not a sponsored post. 

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