Primark Haul (September 2017)

So, let’s just say I’ve been feeling like treating myself quite a bit recently. I might even have said “It’s been a tough year!” whilst putting a pair of boots in my basket, and heck it really has been. Personally, I love watching Primark hauls on YouTube or stalking #Primark on Instagram, I think they’re a great way of finding out what’s in store particularly … Continue reading Primark Haul (September 2017)

Tell self doubt to do one [coping with anxiety]

  I am most definitely one of life’s listeners. In fact, I probably listen more than I talk. However, there’s one area where most of us could do with listening to a whole lot less and that is to those pesky self-doubting voices inside our own heads. Whether we suffer from anxiety or not, self-doubt is something that can (and does) affect most, if not … Continue reading Tell self doubt to do one [coping with anxiety]