What I love about me

love yourself

Perhaps the title of this blog post might sound a bit arrogant and boastful to some but in a world where low self-esteem fuels our advertising and beauty industries more people need to be defying the notion that having self-esteem and loving ourselves is about arrogance. Because at the end of the day having good self-esteem is a sure fire way to be truly happy and that is something we all deserve.

And as they say “you have to love yourself before you can love someone else.”

So here are a few things I love about me:

My strength. No, I’m not physically strong but to have survived serious mental health issues and then 6 years of debilitating chronic illness that took away so much that I valued and worked hard for I’d say I’m pretty tough and resilient. The fact I can still smile and laugh most days and generally look on the bright side is definitely a blessing. And that’s not to say I don’t get mad, upset or have days when I find it all too much because I do. But those feelings are normal and healthy and by letting myself feel those things when I need to it ultimately makes me stronger.

♥ My kindness. Again not to be boastful but I love doing random acts of kindness and I enjoy letting others know what they mean to me. I will always try to do my best for those I care about and give them my time or a friendly ear when they need it. I think kindness is a seriously underrated quality but it’s one that genuinely does have such a big effect on others lives.

♥ My sense of humour. I know you’re not really supposed to laugh at your own jokes but having the ability to turn a moment that could be dark into one with a little humour is something I treasure. When it’s appropriate of course. I’m not one of those people that will respond to awful news with a joke. But to me, it signals that I’m still me. That I’m still striving to live life in the moment and make of it what I can.

My hopefulness. Again, I think this is something that has helped me get through so much. Even when things are at their worst there is part of me that will believe that things have to get better. I refuse to accept that this is it. Which brings me onto:

My determination.  I’m a trier. Even at times when my self-esteem wasn’t what it should be, I have always been highly determined and self-motivated. If there’s something I want I’ll go after it and make things happen. I believe that nothing gets handed to you on a silver platter and so you have to go get it yourself and to be honest that makes it all the more rewarding.

That I’m comfortable being on my own. Which comes in handy. But I’m not someone who fears being on my own, or has to always be constantly surrounded by people. I’m perfectly happy in my own company and in terms of relationships I’d much rather be single than in a relationship born out an inability or fear to be on my own.

That I’m not afraid to be me. I recognise that I am not perfect, in fact, I don’t really think that perfect exists but I know that I am enough and do not wish that I could be anyone else. I know that if there are things I wish to improve or work on that I have the ability to do so but that it will be done with self-love and self-respect and only to serve me as a person not to appease anybody else.

And finally I love:

The fact that I love myself. Yes, I know, arrogant or what? But it’s really not. I haven’t got an ego whatsoever. Or rely on others opinions to determine my own opinion of myself. But it’s so important to love yourself and want the best for yourself. These are not things we should be ashamed of. Because we cannot be truly happy until we learn to do this. Self-esteem is the greatest middle finger to the beauty and advertising industries that rely so heavily on our insecurities and a great gift that we can give ourselves.

Let me know in the comments what you love about yourself. Go on…


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