50 random acts of kindness that won’t cost you a penny


When I wrote my blog post on Sunday about kindness and how important it is, which if you have not read you can do so here, I had no idea it was actually random acts of kindness week. Talk about coincidence. But seen as it is random acts of kindness week and indeed today is random acts of kindness day I thought I might as well continue with this theme. 

This week, something really lovely happened too, I was having dinner with my parents in a restaurant, which was lovely enough in itself but after we had ordered the waitress came to the table with a plate of starters and said that the kitchen staff had chosen our table to do something nice for, just because. How lovely is that? Whether they knew it was random acts of kindness week I don’t know but still, it made me feel all warm and fuzzy.

I know sometimes it can feel like you might have to spend money in order to do a random act of kindness and of course, it’s really lovely to receive gifts but you really don’t have to spend any money in order to do a random act of kindness. Kindness really can cost nothing, but be the most worthwhile and valued thing to receive. So here are ideas for random acts of kindness that are completely free:

♥ Listen, listening is so simple and yet it really is one of the kindest things you can do for someone. Lend an ear when a friend or family member need to offload and even when they want to share their joy. Give them your full attention and make them feel that their feelings matter. You do not always need to give advice or have an opinion just listening can be enough

 ♥ Pay someone a compliment, as long as it’s genuine

♥ Leave a nice comment on a blog post you enjoyed reading

♥ Wish people a good morning or good afternoon

♥ Say thank you when someone does something kind for you

♥ Show your appreciation for good service from a waitress/ waiter

♥ Show your appreciation for great care from a nurse, doctor or paramedic

 ♥ Message a friend you’ve not spoken to in a while but wish you kept in touch with more often

 ♥ Message a friend you know is having a hard time

 ♥ Leave a loved one a little note

 ♥ Make your partner’s packed lunch (and leave them a note inside too should you wish)

♥  Leave a lovely note lying around somewhere public for a stranger to come across. If you lend books from a library or are donating a book you could leave a note inside the book for the next person to read.

♥ Leave a post it note with a positive message on it on a mirror, either in your own home for a loved one or in public bathrooms

♥ Make someone a playlist of yours and their’s favourite songs on Spotify

♥ Recommend a friend’s business

♥ Share a friend’s fundraising page

♥ If you see an inappropriate, discriminatory or violent post on social media report it. For example, friends of mine have had their images used for discriminatory purposes against disabled people and to gain popularity on their pages. Report it and let that site and person know that it’s not acceptable. And just for reference you can usually tell they’re a scam if they ask you type Amen or tell them they’re beautiful and the spelling is usually atrocious.

♥ Make a work colleague a hot drink, especially if they look stressed

♥ Reach out to new employees and make them feel welcome and less lost

♥ If you know someone is feeling unwell whilst at work or taken ill when you are out and about offer to help, pass them tissues, get them some water, go get their boss if needed, help them to get home safely or call someone to come and collect them.

♥ If it’s raining offer to share your umbrella with a friend or colleague

♥ Offer someone a lift if they usually take public transport, especially if the weather is    awful

♥ Offer to be designated driver

♥ Don’t park in a disabled bay unless you have a blue badge, seriously don’t do it! It really is an act of kindness for a disabled person who otherwise might not be able to get their mobility aids out of the car and transfer safely, meaning they may even have to go home and their trip out will have been wasted.

♥ Help someone who needs directions to somewhere (if you have a good sense of direction that is!)

♥ Give someone more in need your bus or train seat

♥ If you see someone struggling with their shopping bags or a suitcase offer to help

♥ If you see someone struggling to get something off a shelf offer to get it for them

 ♥ Hold the door open for someone (Hodor!) Especially do this for people in wheelchairs, with other mobility aids or for people with pushchairs                         

♥ Offer to walk someone’s dog, or volunteer to do so at a rescue centre

♥ If you are washing your car offer to wash someone else’s car too

♥ If you are mowing your lawn offer to do a neighbour’s too, especially if they are elderly or disabled

♥ If it’s been snowing clear a neighbour’s driveway

 ♥ Volunteer at a local project or charity. You can find out about local volunteering opportunities in the UK by simply typing in your postcode here. There are all kinds of opportunities from volunteering at a charity shop to helping out at an animal sanctuary

♥ Suggest that your workplace get involved with a volunteering in the community project

 ♥ Offer to babysit for free

 ♥ Call in on an elderly or disabled neighbour and ask if they need help with anything especially during the winter. For example, if they need anything from the shops.

 ♥ Offer to help out new neighbours

 ♥ Take old magazines to a doctors surgery or hospital waiting room

 ♥ Donate clothes you no longer need to a charity or refuge

 ♥ Donate old coats to homeless centres or charities, especially during the Winter

 ♥ Donate any unused (but still in date) food or toiletries to a local food bank.  For those that live in the UK, you can find out where your local food bank is here.

 ♥ Donate cosmetics you don’t use to a women’s refuge. You can find out more how to do this on Caroline Hiron’s blog, which you can read here.

 ♥ Donate old bras and in some cases bikinis to charity. You can find out more about the various women and charities this helps on the following websites BravissimoAgainst Breast Cancer, Oxfam and Smalls for All.

 ♥ Donate your old glasses, there are usually collection boxes at most opticians

♥ Donate old toys to a refuge, shelter, children’s ward, nursery or school

♥ Donate books you no longer want to a library, book exchanges, friends of the hospital sales, a refuge or centre

♥ Donate blood if you are eligible to do so or sign up for organ donation. Give someone the gift of life

♥ If you are having a lot of hair cut off consider donating it to The Little Princess Trust who make wigs for children that have lost their hair through cancer treatment or alopecia

♥ Give away baby equipment/ clothes/ nappies you no longer need to a friend or family member that is having a baby or to a women’s refuge

Mostly, simply remember to always act with kindness and compassion and to treat other human beings how you yourself would wish to be treated. Give people your time because it really is a gift. Smile more, love more and be a reminder that there is still so much good in the world. 

Let me know your ideas for random acts of kindness in the comments and I would especially love to know if someone has done a random act of kindness for you.

I’d also really recommend an absolute Queen of the random act of kindness, Ali, go check out her blog here and see what she has been up to this random act of kindness day.


8 thoughts on “50 random acts of kindness that won’t cost you a penny

  1. I love doing daily acts of kindness and have a blog like you promoting that others do as much as they can daily as its FREE! I do what I can but some things are not available in my country but if I was able to I would do #donateaphoto which is a phone app which you download and donate a photo to a charity of your choice and Johnson & Johnson donates USD1 to that charity, love that! If you love to exercise you can donate your miles to charity too with #charitymiles, a phone app that allows you to donate your miles walked, biked or run or skated…. to a charity of your choice! Mostly available in USA, Canada, UK and Japan! so check out my blog for more information about these and other acts of kindness.


  2. You spurred me on today without even realising you’d done it. On my solo scoot I went to the post office where an elderly man had forgotten to get a receipt for the stamps he’d bought earlier in the day. It was too late for the post office to issue one for him so I bought the same amount of stamps so he could have my receipt. Cost me way more than I was expecting but I did need stamps anyway!

    Keep doing as you’re doing pal xxx


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