Siani’s got a brand new blog: Why the switch?


Obviously, you were meant to sing the first part of the title in your best James Brown voice.

Anyhow, hi and a very big welcome to my brand new blog, Siân’s Silver Linings. If that is there is anyone reading this but if you are thank you so much for stopping by.

Some of you might have been readers of my old blog Me, myself and M.E and I want to thank you so much if you did. That blog was really cathartic for me and helped me to process my feelings at a time when life could have turned quite dark (again)  and considering I’m still a happy little soul, for the vast majority of the time, I’d say it certainly helped.

One of the biggest and most unexpected ways it helped was how it introduced me to a whole new community and allowed me to be social when I could barely leave the house, which has been such a gift. At a time when I felt I was losing friends, others entered my life and said:”hey me too.” They understood and nodded along with everything that I wrote, in a “yep, some idiot said that to me too” kind of way.

From there I developed some real friendships that went beyond having shonky health in common. I was so blessed that some of them even came to celebrate my 30th birthday with me last year. And over time, particularly of late, I have found that if I need to vent I migrate more towards these friends than to writing blog posts. It’s simply what has become more natural and comfortable for me.

However, I really didn’t want to give up blogging altogether because another reason I started blogging in the first place was because I simply enjoyed writing. For me writing is cathartic, it lets me process my thoughts and let out my feelings. It has also become a hobby of sorts if that is people still have hobbies these days. I’m probably more of a writer than a talker, honestly, text me don’t call me. But that could just be me being an introvert. Over the past few months that I’ve not blogged there have been so so many blog ideas that I’ve wanted to write about however the problem I found, besides brain fog and poor concentration, was that the subjects I wanted to write about didn’t particularly feel like they fit in on my old blog.

So, Sian’s Silver Linings was born. A place I can blabber on about a wider variety of topics, from lifestyle posts, looking after your mental wellbeing, gratitude and all of, life’s silver linings and really get back to enjoying writing again. A place I can be a little more than someone with a chronic illness.

Of course, from time to time my chronic illness will crop up and be referred to in anecdotes or be the catalyst for certain silver linings posts, it just won’t be the main focus of this blog. My old blog will still be available and perhaps it will still help sufferers in some way, particularly my travelling with a chronic illness guides. However, from now on this blog will be my main blog.

So if this blog sounds like it will be something you will enjoy reading then a very big welcome. If you so wish, you can follow through WordPress or Bloglovin’ or look out for updates on my social media. If not, then no hard feelings, life is too short to be reading things you don’t want to read.

But for each one of you, keep searching for those silver linings.



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